A sheet of Oldroyd Xv Clear cavity drainage membrane
A sheet of Oldroyd Xv20 cavity drainage membrane
A sheet of Oldroyd Gtx
A 25kg of Vandex BB75 Tanking waterproofing slurry next to a container of Vandex PK75
A Safeguard Sump Pump and Aquadrain drainage channel

Oldroyd Cavity Drainage Membranes

Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes are dimpled membranes that are designed to provide a dry basement environment by diverting water rather than physically holding it back. On externally waterproofed basements, Oldroyd membranes are typically used as a secondary drainage layer to provide additional protection for the primary waterproofing system (e.g. Vandex Super or Vandex BB75E). When used internally, Oldroyd membranes are applied to walls and floors to redirect any water entering the basement to a sump and pump. For further details see our cellar conversion and newbuild basement pages.

Oldroyd Xv Clear

Oldroyd Xv Clear is a semi-transparent cavity drainage membrane that is widely used to waterproof basements internally. It is a popular option for basement conversion projects.

A sheet of Oldroyd Xv Clear
A sheet of Oldroyd Xv20

Oldroyd Xv20

Similar to Oldroyd Xv Clear (above) but with extra-large 20mm studs to provide a higher flow capacity. Often specified on basement floors and on the walls of large commercial basements. Oldroyd Xv20 is black and benefits from Oldroyd's multi-layer-technology allowing 40% recycled plastic to be used in its manufacture with no loss in performance.

Oldroyd XP Plaster Membrane

Oldroyd XP is a similar product to Oldroyd Xv Clear (see above), but with a polypropylene mesh welded to one side of the membrane. This mesh allows plaster or render to be applied directly to the membrane once it has been installed.

A sheet of Oldroyd Xp plaster membrane
A sheet of Oldroyd Gtx membrane

Oldroyd Gtx

Oldroyd Gtx is a cavity drainage membrane with a geotextile filter fleece welded onto one side. Its main function is as a drainage layer for external basement waterproofing applications. The geotextile fleece filters out 'fines' from the groundwater.

Aquadrain Drainage Channel / Safeguard Sump Systems

Aquadrain drainage channel is laid around the floor-wall junction as part of an internally-applied cavity drainage system. This provides additional drainage capacity where the basement is most vulnerable to water ingress.

Safeguard sump systems are pumping solutions specifically designed for use with Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes in basement waterproofing applications.

A Safeguard Sentry Sump with Aquadrain

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