A 25kg of Vandex Super Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing

Oldroyd Xv Cavity Drainage Membrane

Oldroyd Xv is a dimpled drainage membrane (also known as a cavity drainage membrane) for basement and cellar waterproofing applications.

Typically it is applied to the inside walls and floors of the basement to redirect any water passing through the basement structure towards a sump and pump.

Special sealed fixing plugs (Oldroyd Brick Plugs) are used to fix Oldroyd Xv to the basement walls. When used on floor areas no fixings are required. Sections of Oldroyd Xv are joined using Oldroyd Double Sided Tape and Oldroyd Overseal Tapes.

Available in Black or Clear

Oldroyd Xv is available in Black or Clear:

  • Oldroyd Xv Clear has the advantage of allowing the underlying basement structure to be seen when installing fixing plugs.
  • Oldroyd Xv Black utilizes Oldroyd’s multi-layer technology to allow up to 70% recycled plastic to be incorporated in the membrane with no loss of performance.


Oldroyd Xv is suitable for use in creating a Type C (drained protection) waterproofing system as defined in BS8102 (2009) "Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground"

Oldroyd Xv Downloads

  • Details showing standard cavity drainage (Type C) system

    Standard cavity drainage (Type C) detail

    Standard cavity drainage (Type C) detail showing a perimeter channel incorporating Aquadrain into which Oldroyd Xv directs incoming ground water. Finished with a floating timber floor and Fastframe Dry lined plasterboard wall.

  • Details showing Basement installed with Oldroyd Xv

    Basement installed with Oldroyd Xv

    Basement installed with Oldroyd Xv to walls and floors incorporating a Sentry Sump System and screed floor.

  • Perimeter drainage detail incorporating Aquadrain

    Perimeter drainage detail

    Perimeter drainage detail incorporating Aquadrain where it is not possible to form a channel in the slab. Closed-cell insulation is used to build up the floor level to allow for a screed or timber floor finish.

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