Basement Refurbishment at Commercial Premises in Nottingham

This basement in a large store in Nottingham's Listergate shopping area required waterproofing prior to new tenants moving in.

Because the project involved refurbishing an existing basement only waterproofing solutions that could be applied internally were considered practical.

The majority of the waterproofing was carried out using Oldroyd cavity drain membranes (see our "internal cavity drainage" example system).

Over 1100m2 of Oldroyd Xv20 high-profile cavity drainage membrane was used to cover the floor area of the basement and over 750m2 of Oldroyd Xv Clear membrane was used on the walls. Over 600 linear metres of Aquadrain drainage channel were used to provide additional drainage capacity at the wall-floor junction.

Certain areas of the basement were more suited to waterproofing using the Vandex range of cementitious tanking slurries. For example, Vandex BB75 was used to waterproof a concrete staircase that would have been impractical to waterproof using a cavity drainage membrane. Vandex tanking products used on the project include Vandex Super, Vandex BB75, and Vandex BB75E.

Peter Cox
Chapman Taylor
Nottingham ,
United Kingdom

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