What is the difference between Oldroyd Xp and Oldroyd Xv membrane in relation to installation in a cellar?

Generally, Oldroyd Xp membrane (http://www.cellars.co.uk/products/plaster-membrane-oldroyd-xpis installed in above-ground situations, for example where a new DPC has been installed and there is the requirement for an instant, dry finish. Due to the nature of fixing the membrane to the wall, one must exercise caution in specifying it for basement waterproofing. This is because there are, on average, 15 fixing plugs per square metre with Oldroyd Xp, as opposed to 5 fixing plugs per square metre with Oldroyd Xv. The fundamental difference between the two is that the Oldroyd Xp membrane has a thermally-welded mesh on its face and Oldroyd Xv does not. Therefore, Oldroyd Xv membrane (http://www.cellars.co.uk/products/cavity-drainage-membrane-oldroyd-xv-clear) lends itself to dry-lining finishes as opposed to dot-and-dab or plaster skim finishes.

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