Basement Waterproofing - Chelsea Academy

Chelsea Academy is a new secondary school building located in an area of Chelsea that had previously been predominantly industrial. The building was designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and was named Public Building Project of the Year at the 2011 Building Awards.

To maximise use of land in this notoriously expensive part of London, a whole storey of the school was built as a basement or semi-basement. The use of basement space allowed a 11,100m2 school to be squeezed into a 5,500m2 plot.

Due to the large dimensions of the basement and the fact that it was being constructed in clay soil, the external walls of the basement were of piled construction. Waterproofing was carried out using Oldroyd Xv and Oldroyd Xv20 cavity drainage membranes (BS8102 Type C).

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
London ,
United Kingdom

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