A 25kg of Vandex Super Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing

The Sentry Sump System

The Sentry Sump System is a range of sumps and pumps that have been specifically developed for use in conjunction with cavity drainage membranes such as Oldroyd Xv [link] for basement waterproofing applications.

Cavity drainage waterproofing systems for basements (BS8102: Type C) work by diverting any water entering the basement. However this water needs to be pumped away, as explained in BS8102:

"There is permanent reliance on this cavity to collect groundwater seepage and direct it to a suitable discharge point, e.g. drains or a sump for removal by gravity drainage or mechanical pumping." BS8102:2009, p 31.

The "Internal Cavity Drainage" [Link] and "Combination" [Link] basement waterproofing examples described on this website are typical examples of where Sentry sumps and pumps would be used.

The Sentry Range

The core options in the Sentry range are the Sentry Single, Sentry Twin, and the Sentry BB. Other options (e.g. telemetric alarm) are available on request.

Sentry Single - Entry level system with single Ama-Drainer 303 sump pump and dual power alarm.

Sentry Twin - As Sentry Single, but with twin Ama-Drainer 303 sump pumps.

Sentry BB - Sentry Single, but with added battery backup pump.

The choice of Sentry sumps and pumps will depend primarily on the anticipated level of water ingress expected to enter the basement and the consequences of the basement flooding (risk vs cost). On larger basement projects two or more Sentry sump and pump units may be required.


Sentry sumps and pumps is suitable for use in conjunction with Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes for creating a Type C (drained protection) waterproofing system as defined in BS8102 (2009) "Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground."

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