What kind of systems can be considered for basement waterproofing?

There are many waterproofing solutions and products designed for basement waterproofing. Which ones to consider will depend on a number of factors, but the main question we would ask is - 'is the basement new build or existing?'

The solutions which one could consider will also depend on the construction material of your choice (new build) or what you are stuck with, so to speak (existing). There will be waterproofing requirements for both types of basements.

Waterproofing Types defined by BS8012:

Type A (Barrier Protection) - this type of solution/product physically holds back water pressure

Type B - structurally integral protection

Type C - drained protection

Examples within the Safeguard product rage are as follows:

Type A - Vandex BB75, Vandex Super (crystalline active slurry), Vandex Unimortar 1, Vandex Flexbit

Type B - Concrete structure designed in accordance to BS8007 - the construction is also likely to require waterstops - Vandex Expaseal B Plus

Type C - Oldroyd Xv Clear, Oldroyd Xv Black, Oldroyd Xv20 

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