What kind of finishes are available after waterproofing a basement with the Vandex system?

Cementitious tanking systems are vapour permeable. As vapour movement is usually from within the basement out towards the ground, this is an advantage. There may be occasions however when the vapour movement is reversed and it moves from the ground into the basement. It is important to ensure that any decorative covering over the tanking system is sufficiently vapour permeable to prevent a build-up of humidity behind the covering. If it is not, interstitial condensation could occur within the plaster layer supporting the decoration, resulting in bubbling and peeling of the covering.

The suggested finishes are as follows: 4:1 render, 1:1:6 lime plaster or cementitious renovating plaster. An example CAD drawing can be viewed by clicking the following link: http://www.safeguardeurope.com/cad/VAND-004.pdf

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