How do I deal with the waterproofing detailing at window and door reveals in the basement?

In below ground situations it is nearly always necessary to form a complete system. To facilitate this it is necessary to temporarily remove window frames, door frames and if present timber staircases so that the concealed masonry surfaces may be covered. As membranes fitted internally will slightly adjust the window and door reveal dimensions an alternative procedure may be necessary when tolerances are minimal:

If tolerances permit fit the regular membrane behind temporarily removed joinery fittings and reinstate. The use of sealed brick plugs for reinstating the joinery is advised.

If tolerances are minimal use Oldroyd Xs ( in conjunction with Oldroyd Overseal Tape. In some circumstances Oldroyd Overseal Tape on its own may be adequate.

Please refer to our CAD drawings, XV-002-3 (, XS-XV-003 ( and XS-XV-001 (

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